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The problem with USA diesels, I have one, for 20 years in fact. Recently the mileage dropped from my 20 year average of 16.5 to 15. The ultra-low sulphur fuel change did it. It's now even stricter than EU where the regs have been tough for some time. The EPA deemed the new regulations necessary, the USA had to lead the world, so now we have near impossible diesel regs for light vehicles. You have to use piss, urea, to even get in the game with qualifying -- That's what Mercedes does.

It's a weight limit thing, the emissions qualification for vehicles under 8500 pounds is much more stringent than over 8500 hence 'no small diesels'. because most can't economically emissions qualify them.

I almost bought a FJ right before the 2006 election, because the Democrats said they had a plan to lower gas costs. But luckily I waited, as usual Democrats lied. I still have my 4x4 F-350 diesel work truck.

My car's mileage also went down by 6% average because they now use that crap E10 mix around here. Meanwhile the fuel prices continue to go up, as the supply is restricted by inaction. Democrats in Congress have constricted fuel supply for 30 years, it's all come together in 2008. Now I can't afford to go to work, much less eat. It's getting tough -- So no new FJ for me, sigh.

Pay more in taxes so the government can pretend to control the weather, you didn't buy that scam did you?
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