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i just wanna be sure, will these wheels be okay?

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I am looking at these wheels, Black Rock Crawler - Series 97 - 16x8 - 6x5.5 - 4.25 BS: OffroadToyStore. I just want to make sure i have all of my specs right; back spacing, bolt pattern ect... im putting on 315/75/76 nittos with an rc 6 inch lift

thanks guys
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dunno, mabey try em on if the shop lets ya.
Everything should fit, but you might want to give them a call and see what they say just in case.:bandit:
I'm almost sure you'll have to run a wheel spacer in the front with 16" steelys. Most 16" steelys will rub the brake caliper. I think 'Ti.Bullett' runs the same wheels with 33" and he had to run a wheel spacer. May want to do a search and double check though.
series 97 = no fit w/o a wheel spacer
series 87 = fit w/o wheel spacers
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