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i want it lifted

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hey guys im planning on lifting my fj and throwing on some bigger tires, but dont really know where to start. My past two cars have been an audi tt and a mazdaspeed protege and all i know is how to put em on the ground. Anyway i want it tall enough to fit 35s but dont know the right wheel and tire fitment and how tall to lift it.
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ive got 35x12.5's on mine, and they are under a fabtech 6"...the lift all depends, from what ive heard, on what your going to be doing...i can also say, you would rather go 6" now, and be done, then 3, or 4, and want more....jmo though...any way, the guys, and gals here know a lot...good luck
Lifting six inches is more involved than if you keep it 3.5 or under. I think there are people running 35's with the three inch lifts. You'll need the frame mount chop for sure though. I'd go with the Icon lift and 33's. I guess it depends on if it is your daily driver or a trial rig too.
well if you want 35s 6 inch would probably be the way to go. But i do hear some problems with the lifting it 6 inches. Blown cv joints leaking axles easier to break stuff considering the angles.
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