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So here is my problem. Icon is having a big sale on Icon coilovers that ends today so I need to make my decision by tonight. I want to get a set of Icon coilovers to just level my FJ (1-1.5 inches). Using the Icons gives me the option to do a full 3" lift in the future. Can I get the extended travel coilovers without getting new UCA's if I only plan on lifting it an inch or so? I dont do high speed desert stuff or hardcore rock rock crawling, it is mostly trails with the occasional rocks. I will eventually get new UCA's even if I don't end up lifting it the full 3". Will I be ok running the extended travel coilovers with stock UCAs until I can afford to buy new UCAs? Or should I just buy the coilovers now and wait to install them until I can afford to get the aftermarket UCAs?

Hope this makes sense and I hope somebody can help me out before tonight. I have tried to call Metal Tech and Icon but they are closed. I also tried to PM Lt. from metal tech but haven't heard back from him yet. Thanks for your help in advance.
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