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Iconic's Partial To Blue Build

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Hello, a little background on me: The FJ is the first vehicle I've officially owned and I bought it from my dad, 06/19/15 is when I traded in the dirty license plate and was handed a shiny new one. I'm 20 yrs old (as of this post) and attend college for Engineering. I've been hooked on Toyota 4x4's ever since I started looking for the perfect first vehicle. I suppose it all started when I was a kid my family had a 4runner and my dad thinks he's 'twisted' me by owning mostly Toyotas since. I really like 4runners and tacos, and will probably own them someday, but the quirkiness and capability of the FJ is what makes it such a great vehicle. By posting this thread I hope to, at the very least, inspire those who read it to jump outside of their comfort zone. Who knows what you'll find! I have tons of plans for mods and adventures, stay tuned!










The day I bought it, it was in near perfect condition. Never will it be that clean again. (6/20/15)
Specs: 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 5AT
With all the Options:
-Diff Lock

45* Departure Angle
19" Ground to Frame
5" Rear Up Travel
17.5" Rear Wheel Travel (flex)
12" Front Wheel Travel
5700 lbs weight w/o occupants
86" track width outside tires


-ECGS Dana 60 rear diff, 35 spline, 70" wide w/ARB airlocker, 4.88 gears
-ECGS clamshell front diff, ARB airlocker, 4.88 gears
-Yukon Forged 1350 yoke at rear differential
-Southbay Drivelines HD rear driveshaft w/ 1350's both ends
-RCV CV's in front

-Dirt King +3.5" Long Travel Kit
-King adjustable coilovers
-Poly Performance Taco Tabs
-Marlin Cam Tab Gussets
-FJToyman Gusseted Spindles
-Locked 2" Hydro Bumps
-King 14" Stroke 2.5" shocks w/resi (Iconic's Rear "Super' Long Travel)
-Outboard shock hoops
-Kartek limit straps
-Locked 2" Hydro Bumps
-Metaltech HD LT Springs
-Metaltech Offset Lower Links
-RESZ Fab Offset Upper Links
-Icon Jeep JK Panhard Bar (I cut 3/4" shorter)
-TK1 Racing Ultra 4 sway bar. 48" long, 16" arms, medium profile bar.

-200 Series Land Cruiser Steering Rack (custom fabrication required)
-Tundra Outer Tie Rod Ends, LC200 Inner Tie Rod Ends
-Derale 9000 Series 13612 Power Steering Cooler

-Homemade hardened steel front bumper (Front Bumper Build)
-Homemade rear bumper (Rear Bumper Build)
-Buduilt IFS skid, Budbuilt Mid skid chopped in half and the rest custom. Check out this thread: (Custom Skids)
-Homemade stainless steel charcoal canister skid
-All Pro Apex DOM Sliders without fill plates, welded on 1.5" higher (body lift)
-All Pro Rear Lower Link Skids
-DMZ motor mount gussets

Tires and Wheels:
-37x12.5-17 Cooper STT Pros
-39x13.5-17 BFG KM3
-Method 701 Trail Series (17x8.5 +0)

-Baja Designs XL80 Pair Spots (switched on with high beams w/override)
-Baja Designs Squadron Sport Round Pair Wide Cornering mounted in bumper
-Baja Designs Squadron Pro Pair in Wide Cornering Lense mounted with DB Customz cowl light brackets
-Baja Designs S2 Pro Flood mounted in center of spare tire
-Baja Designs S2 Sport Pair Wide Cornering mounted in rear bumper
-Baja Designs S2 Sport Pair Flood mounted to swivel on roof rack
-Diode Dynamics LED Strip Footwell Lights
-Diode Dynamics HP5 in mirrors
-Diode Dynamics HP3 License Plate
-Diode Dynamics HP6 dome lights
-Philips X-treme Vision Headlight Bulbs

Comms, Electronics, Navigation:
-Cobra 75 WX ST CB
-Bandi Mount w/ 3ft Firefly Antenna
-ScanGauge II
-Panavise mount with RAM Mounts Tablet Cradle RAM-HOL-SAM8U and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 inch Tablet
-NorthStar NSB-AGM-31M Battery
-Pelfreybilt Stainless Steel Battery Tray
-HKB Voltage Booster
-Tacoma 130 Amp Alternator

-Wet Okole Seat Covers
-Interior parts painted white
-Dual USB Charger in console and 12V+USB outlet in rear cargo area
-Thrunite TN12 Mounted with quick release on picatinny rail
-Heated Seats
-Sound Deadening Everywhere
-MPAC Vent Rack
-Homemade Basket Rack
-Homemade Hatch Rack
-Homemade Center Console Racks
-OTRATTW Switches
-Homemade steel dead pedal
-Winch Power Cut Off Switch in cab
-K&N Washable Cabin Air Filter
-Indel B Fridge
-Fire Extinguisher Mounted on Subwoofer
-2008+ Side Sun Visors
-MobileStrong MiY HDP Storage Drawer
-OEM Locking Glovebox Mod
-Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

-Warn 9.5Ti Winch with synthetic line and wireless winch remote
-D-Ring Shackles and soft shackles
-EZ Deflator
-ARB Twin Air Compressor w/ 2 gal tank
-ARB Snatch Strap (17500 lbs)
-Wheeler's Wrap It Strap
-Blue Factor 55 Hitchlink
-Blue Factor 55 Prolink
-Warn Snatch Block
-TRED Pro recovery devices mounted to roof rack
-Homemade 1/2" thick rear recovery points

Under The Hood/Performance:
-Raptor Tuned
-Hayden 678 Aux Transmission Cooler
-OEM Engine Oil Cooler
-Airaid CAI
-Magnaflow 12646 Muffler, downturned before axle, 4runner resonator added
-Doug Thorley Y-Pipe
-Wilwood 6 piston front calipers courtesy of RR Racing
-TRD Rear Brake Pads
-MAN-A-FRE SS Brake Lines (6)
-DOT 4 brake fluid

-Baja Rack Low Profile w/ custom painted wind deflector
-Mounted to rack: shovel, plano all weather storage case, rotopax 4 gallon gas container, TREDs, Yakima Ace Of Spades shovel mount
-Trailer Harness Connector Hi-Tuck
-Dealer Debadged
-Toyota Badges and Grill Bezel Painted White
-Rad Rubber Designs Engine Splash Guards
-2012+ OE Tail Lights
-20% Front Window Tint (matches rear windows) and clear ceramic everywhere else
-Warrior Products spare tire spacer

-4Crawler 1.5" Body Lift
-Cooper Bussmann RFRM 10 Relay, 40 fuse Holder
-Atrac + Diff Lock Hack
-DRL Disable Switch
-All Interior Chimes Disable
-VSC Disable Switch
-Lock/Unlock Chime Disable (stealth mode)
-NOW FIXED Cracked Windshield Mod :lol:

Never Done More To Come!

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Wire Ampacity

How to install 2 new switch plates under the driver?s side v in How To Guides Forum
What you need to know about your FJ's electrical system (read before doing mods)
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Trails Offroad
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

Some of my favorite pics and awesome adventures:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Toyota fj cruiser

Land vehicle Off-roading Vehicle Automotive tire Regularity rally

Nature Road Vegetation Mountain pass Highland

Tire Automotive tire Toyota fj cruiser Automotive exterior Bumper

Vehicle Off-roading Car Toyota fj cruiser Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Toyota fj cruiser Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-roading Car Regularity rally

Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Car Tire

Off-roading Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Regularity rally

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Automotive tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-roading Automotive tire Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Toyota fj cruiser Automotive tire

Off-roading Vehicle Off-road vehicle Geological phenomenon Dirt road

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Off-roading Toyota fj cruiser

Vehicle Car Off-roading Wadi Off-road vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Toyota fj cruiser Automotive tire Tire

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

Automotive tire Vehicle Tire Car Bumper

Off-roading Rock Geological phenomenon Vehicle Geology

Mountainous landforms Vehicle Off-roading Badlands Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Toyota fj cruiser Motor vehicle
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

Some of my favorite mods, a lot of them homemade (skids, interior racks) and all of them installed by yours truly. No fab shop required. ;)

Auto part Motor vehicle Vehicle Tire Automotive tire


Land vehicle Vehicle Car Transport Automotive exterior

Auto part Audio equipment

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Steering part

Automotive tire Tire Bumper Motor vehicle Auto part

Font Auto part Bicycle handlebar Pipe Metal


Auto part Gear Differential Metal Rim

Auto part Differential Rotor Transmission part Automotive alternator

Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive exterior Engine

Tool Metal

Alloy wheel Wheel Rim Tire Auto part

Coil spring Suspension part Auto part Suspension Tire

Electronics Audio equipment Technology Electronic device Electronic instrument

Auto part

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Automotive tire Tire Vehicle Auto part Car

Vehicle Gun
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

Installed these bad boys recently. Got an awesome deal on some Baja Designs Squadron Pro's that I couldn't pass up. They're wide driving pattern mounted with DB Customs cowl light brackets ordered through Pure FJ. Synopsis: these guys are awesome! Think I'm gonna end up angling them out even more, but these little cannons are pretty much the best in the market for lights this size. 4,300 lumens each. The following is less of a how to and more of an install guide as I didn't take a whole lot of pictures during the process. Here's what I've installed:

1) An aluminum bracket I purchased through @SpeedRye to hold a RFRM relay and fuse holder. Also his thread as reference
2) Cooper Bussmann RFRM relay holder. Was originally going to get it through skygear on Tacomaworld, but since he disappeared for a while I got it from WiredWagon on IH8MUD. I wasn't opposed to making my own but for the price and time it was really just easier going through either of these guys.
3) DB Customz Cowl Light Brackets.
4) Baja Designs Squadron Pro w/ wide driving lenses.
5) OTRATTW Switches installed with this guide as a reference.

On to the pics!!! :wink
Vehicle Car Auto part Engine Trunk

Technology Electronics Electrical wiring Electronic device Machine

This relay/fuse holder will make wiring future accessories a breeze. Labeled the first two relays for my accessories. SpeedRye's bracket turned out nicely, although several unforeseen problems came to my attention during fitment. First of all being the second OE relay box. As you can see in the first pic above, I had to make an aluminum drop down bracket to lower the box. Bolted in nice and tight to the fender. (using an existing hole mind you, I wasn't about to further compromise the structural integrity of my fenders!!)

New sticker too:
Vehicle Hood Vehicle door Automotive exterior Car

Work in progress, have more switches to install:
Vehicle Car Mitsubishi pajero Toyota Mitsubishi

Now, after many hours of heatshrinking, electrical taping, crimping, soldering, wiring, zip tieing, split looming, and fender hugging (to get the bracket lined up) Everything is installed and this is the final product. Now to the pics you all wanted to see:
During the day:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Bumper

At night, let there be light, high beams with Squadrons:
Light Night Sky Darkness Lighting

Night Light Lighting Sky Darkness

General Notes/Comments:
1) Cowl light brackets are a bit of a pain to install. Even though the kit comes with just enough clips to do it, I suggest getting all of these to have backups, you will thank me later. Should be the last 3 on this page 61118-35010 FJ, 61992-35010 FJ, 61991-35010 FJ.
Also if your careful you may not need this, but might as well get it anyway.

2) These are awesome lights, as you can see basically a really bright fog pattern. I think I will end up angling them out more, they are pointed out only slightly already yet I have such a wide angle of light. In the last two pics you can see my high beams light up the pole just a touch further than the squadrons.

3) Being mounted so close to the windshield, and after angling them out, I have light parallel to windshield. I can look out of my window and see the coverage. You can't get light here with anything on the bumper.

4) Light washout on the hood is not as bad as I thought. If I wanted to go with a driving pattern it would probably be better though I'm totally happy with these.

5) Even with a dirty hood, the cowl lights reflect a little bit of blue as seen in the pictures, kinda strange haha makes me feel like I have cannons.

6) Ignore the giant crack and chips in my windshield :lol:
7) Ignore not so great phone pictures
8) Also ignore the lights in the distance in the last 4 pictures.

What they feel like:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Light Headlamp

Thanks for reading, you made it further than I thought. More to come! :rocker:
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

fantastic build, thanks for sharing
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Looks like you're planning a good setup for future expansion. Wise move since extra lighting gets addicting!

Also, I know all too well what you mean about fender hugging to mount the fuse box. Looking forward to future additions!
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Lights look awesome! Pics certainly do not show the output
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

Thanks! Yes I got the 10 relay box for a reason! :grin I think I'm addicted to lumens already. Took another pic, low quality but shows the output better I think. For two tiny lights, this is pretty amazing output. I angled them out a bit further, the pic was taken with me standing on the back bumper. To describe them I would say they have almost as much throw (distance) as my high beams, but are significantly wider and really just brighter overall. The right side appears slightly less bright because the ground slopes that way.

Sky Darkness Night Light Atmospheric phenomenon
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

A mod a day keeps the jeeps away! Over the past couple weeks I've been busy doing installs. My parents think I'm crazy! Added a Cobra 75 CB and 3ft Firestick Firefly Antenna with a Bandi Mount. I installed the panel bulkhead in a discrete location and the junction box nearby & behind, just to the left of the cabin air filter in the glove box. Tight fit, but looks factory!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Roof rack

Vehicle Car Vehicle door Mid-size car Family car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

Also footwell lighting and rock lights made from 3528 LED strips. Cheap, easy, bright.
Vehicle Car Automotive design Center console Steering wheel

Switches, I like switches:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Center console Steering wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

There your are, more to come.
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

Ok, awesome day yesterday. I went wheeling for the first time, got pinstriping, got stuck, got pulled out, realigned my bumper from pulling on it, and put on some Metaltech offset lower links. In that order.

Here's me stuck at the crest of a hill, high centered, and learning some 4x4 basics.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Off-roading Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Tire Toyota fj cruiser

Got pulled out by the older, wiser version of my rig.... :lol:
Windshield Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior

Got these guys on a good deal used. Can you say BEEFY! Almost ridiculously huge.
Auto part Tire Automotive tire Suspension part Suspension

Auto part Pipe Bicycle fork

Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Automotive exterior
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Installed wheelers off-road bumpstops with 1/4" spacers a couple days ago, wanted to get a little bit of driving impressions in before posting. Install was simple, although a pain to unscrew the stock bumps, I found a pipe wrench works best! :D I lifted the front end with a jack and turned the tires to make access easier.

Also a tip: cut the supplied allen wrench like this and use an open end of a wrench (5/16 or 8mm) to tighten the bolt in. I wouldn't go any shorter than 2.5" as mine was almost too short.

Driving impressions: Hitting my first moderate bump at speed I was like: wow, that was soft! My front end soaked it up and my back end now feels rougher in comparison. These bumps are taller and softer than stock. Something else that impressed me was when taking corners. FJ now feels like a racecar (ok well not quite) but the wheelers bumps really help keep it flat in the corners. Overall I like them! I didn't think they could change the ride as much as they did. One thing that concerns me about these is they limit my up travel in the front, one thing about the FJ's IFS that could use improvement. If you only do slow crawling than these may not be for you. If you like to do any amount of fast stuff than you will definitely use them. Also it would be interesting to compare these with the swaybar removed and in place. I should do more testing to see how much travel I've lost, if any. In comparison pictures, visually looking I cannot tell.


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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Looks good!!! Pics of bump stops?
re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Went out and took one, stocker is just sitting next to it. Used my FJ as intended this weekend and it's dirty! There's a few threads on them here, the outside is a softer rubber than stock, but inside and at the base it's almost a harder plastic.
Heres a link to a build that references them and has more links: Briareos's Build 2


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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Completed today an idea I've been throwing around for awhile. My take on a flashlight mount. I bolted a 7" picatinny rail to the passenger side center console and mounted a cam locking 1" flashlight quick release. Super easy, the part that took the longest was determining where I wanted it and in which orientation. The way it's facing it's still pretty easy for the driver to remove. The picatinny and mount are just cheapies off amazon. The light is a Thrunite TN12 2016 Ed. that just came out. 1050 lumens, yeah its bright. I might need to come up with a way to grab the middle of the light with the quick release, but am happy with how it turned out for now. 3 things I really wanted with this mod, easy to reach for driver, quick to remove from mount, and no rattles. The rattling is yet to be determined but shaking it, the mounting is just as strong as the plastic it's bolted to. I'm also thinking about mounting a knife on the driver side with a carbide glass breaker. Another picatinny would make it so easy.


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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Love the picatinny, what a great idea!

Also late to the party on this, but the relay box earlier in the thread- does this provide roughly the same function as a much more expensive sPOD?
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Love the picatinny, what a great idea!

Also late to the party on this, but the relay box earlier in the thread- does this provide roughly the same function as a much more expensive sPOD?
Thanks! Yes the bussmann relay box is essentially the same as the sPod but less plug and play. However mine is bigger and allows more customization.
re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build -

Update: installed this weekend sound deadening all over. Yeah it was kinda expensive for what it is, but I freed up some money from another hobby to put more into the FJ and didn't feel as bad. :) Faatmat and mass loaded vinyl with foam in between most of it. Did my doors a few weeks ago. Also put in a .5" Bandi lift while I was in there and replaced a bent body mount bolt. Also added heated seats in preparation for the cold. Several reasons for the .5" Bandi lift:
1) Less rubbing when I get bigger tires/more offset.
2) More room to work with everything underneath
3) More room between bumper and winch/body. The bumper was really close to the body and everything was rubbing when the frame flexed.
3) It technically shortens the body mount bolts and pulls them away from the ground, less chance of hitting them offroad.
4) Looks taller, interesting how obvious .5" is to me. Now I need bigger tires to make up for it! :lol:

Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive exterior Engine

MLV installed afterwards, weighs 1 lb/square foot!

Broken and corroded body mount bolts. The bent one I cut off in frustration and the other just snapped from a breaker bar!
Shadow Line Wood

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

Oh yeah BTW if they didn't before, my parents now think I'm officially crazy. As always more to come!
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Forgot to post comments on sound deadening, I wanted this badly after several distant wheeling trips: it seems driving on dirt roads is now very quiet. Also my exhaust sounds quieter. Up to 65-75 mph there is still quite a bit of tire noise, higher pitch tire noise must be hard to block out, even when they were just balanced. However, there is very little noise coming from the back. What I've done so far seems to make the rear a lot quieter for passengers. At 65+ there is still wind and tire noise coming from the doors, windshield, and roof. I hope to quite this further by adding Faatmat to the roof, front a-pillars, and more to my doors. I have some leftover for later.
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Voodoo is our favorite color... nice build. Really like your relay/fuse setup
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re: Iconic's Partial To Blue Build - "Blue Steel"

Voodoo is our favorite color... nice build. Really like your relay/fuse setup
Thank you! Yep, VB is a good one...
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