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I swung by Ricochet Offroad here in Utah and picked up some early Christmas goodies! Been waiting to do this mod for a long time and I'm excited with how it turned out! After getting them I took them back to my aunt and uncle's house to install in their garage which I am thankful for since yesterday when I started working on them there was no snow on the ground but 7 hours later there was at least 5-6 inches of snow outside! It dumped on us! But after a long battle I was victorious and here is the result!
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The sexy red anodization of the visible pieces is incredible and matches my roof rack and other red highlights so well! I'm happy with how it turned out! Lots of peace of mine too knowing they are down there, but now I have to try and not scratch them! Haha
You need a big green wreath to complete the Christmas red, white, and green look. 馃巺

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Today my world got a little brighter with the X6S 25" LED light bar from Extreme LEDs that I installed on my Expedition One bumper. Got this for Christmas but just got the chance to install it. I loved the look of these slim LED bars and I knew the rare 25" size from Extreme LEDs would fit perfectly on the Expedition One bumper if I mounted it correctly.

With where I wanted to mount it, the mounts it came with were not quite tall enough. I had a local 4Runner owner who does welding/fab work extend them 1/2" taller so they would clear properly and upon getting them today I finally installed the LED bar!

It looks great, is nice and sleek and clean, and is bright! Since I already have the amber fog lights from Baja Designs I might change out the lenses to make it all white but I will keep it amber/white for now. It also came with a remote flash module which is kind of fun!






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Was able to do a small little mod today. So my ARB rear bumper naturally has the ARB logo on it, but the plastic decal thing had started to peel off and wear away over the past year or so and I wanted to replace it. Luckily, a company called Wits' End sells a TEQ replacement that I ended up getting and replacing it with! Looks nice again!

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