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I would. You guys would get another sale as fast as I could get to my dealer if you put a diesel in an FJ. Turbo diesel would be really nice.

Like the old Hilux Surf. A Turbo blowing right into the intake manifold.

I'd also like to say, that you made the Tacoma too big. Offer a smaller truck like my 89 Toyota "Pickup" that I still have and love, with the same diesel you put in the FJ, and Mel and I would buy it along with the diesel FJ.

We don't need anything so big in the pickup department, and you now have no options for smaller trucks. My buddy was thinking of getting a new pickup, and when we compared the size and price of the Ford Ranger to the Tacoma for a daily driver, weekend dirt bike hauler, and light camping/wheeling rig, the Tacoma loses. Sucks, because I would never drive a Ford but in this case, my buddy made some very good points I can't ignore.

Not to hijack the thread, but the BASE tacoma is roughly the same size and price as the base ford ranger.
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