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"HeavyMetal" (2013 Cement TT)

I bought my FJ on December 1, 2012, after about 4.5 years of "research." :lol: I've been a forum member since Jan. 2008. I drove my wife crazy pointing out every FJ we passed (which we both still do) and stopping into every dealership we passed to kick the tires. I think I've test-driven every model year, ATs, MTs, TTs, you name it.

I finally was ready to purchase last year. I was dead set on a 2012 TT. Love that red. Test drove a 6MT in Springfield, OR. Got the dealer down to a good price, but I decided to "think it over" a while longer. My wife = 🔥:jester:.

We came back to Idaho without the FJ and I talked myself into thinking my current 1997 4runner was "just fine" and I didn't need an FJ. Then the 2013 TT color was announced in like August/Sept. of last year (a forum member created a photoshopped version). That was the push I needed and I started looking for a 2013 TT. Found the best deal on a 6MT 2013 TT in Ogden, UT and decided to drive down for a(nother) test drive. Drove it for 10-15 minutes, including on the freeway up to 70. Game Over.

BFG KM2s 285/75/16

Radflo 2.5" coilovers with 650# springs
Total Chaos UCAs
Toytec Superflex HD rear springs (2.5" lift)
Ironman Foamcell Pro rear shocks
Metal Tech lower links
ReszFab rear upper links
SkyJacker rear sway bar links
SuperBumps (front)
Timbren bump stops (rear)
Toytec aluminum bump stop drops (rear)

Toy Outfitters tube front bumper with 2" receiver
Expedition One rear bumper with tire carrier
Bash Fabrication Offroad sliders
Ricochet bashplate/transmission/LCA skids
Boztec Rear Diff Skid
FJToyman rear shock skids
Headlight rock guards

Under the Hood/Performance:
TRD short shifter
Airaid CAI
Shrockworks washer tank
Scuba mod (rear breathers only)
Sprint Booster
Ellis Precision battery clamp (anodized pewter)
Hella Supertone horn (covers painted cement)
Derale 13212 power steering cooler / Magnefine magnetic fliter

Wet Okole seat covers (front/rear)
Ellis Precision handles (4)
Ellis Precision climate control knobs
Springtail side rack combo
Springtail basket
Springtail rear door rack/fold-down table

Kicker 6x9s in front doors
Pioneer 3" speakers in dashl
Rockford Fosgate 4" speakers in D pillars (clipped the headliner exciters)

LED headlight bulbs (no fans; eBay specials)
31" LED light bar (mounted to interior of tube bumper)
(2) 4" LED cubes mounted on bumper
3.5" round LEDs in rear bumper
Amber LEDs in mirrors
Amber marker lights in faux hood scoop
LED map/dome lights
LED reverse bulbs

Vinyl hood decal
Stock badging removed (except TT badge)
TRD badge added to drivers side rear
TRD rock rings painted cement
Plasti-dipped center caps
1.5" Outpost Offroad spacers
Stubby antenna
Toyota grill letters painted cement
Plastics tail light/front turn signal covers (painted black)

Factor 55 Hitchlink w/ D-ring shackle
Midland CB/ 4" Firestick/ stainless steel antenna mount
Rotopax (2 x 2-gallon gas; mounted to OEM crossbars with well nuts)
Expedition One 5-gallon jerrycan mount
Halguard fire extinguisher (mounted to Springtail side rack)
BajaRack basket
Shovel/axe mount on roof rack

I struggled to come up with as name for my build. Kicked around a few ideas. I went with HeavyMetal :rocker: because I am a teenager of the 80s (still love my metal first concert was Ozzy/Metallica in 1986--Cliff Burton's last U.S. show before he died a couple months later in a bus crash). :mecry: Plus the FJ is known for being pretty heavy, I have stripped almost all of the faux plastic chrome off this rig and added more metal. Seemed to fit.

Here she is as of August 16, 2020:

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Love it - including the name! :rocker:

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:rocker: Very nice! I'm surprised the spacers didn't kick the tires out further. I'm still trying to decide if I want to install them.

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:rocker: Very nice! I'm surprised the spacers didn't kick the tires out further. I'm still trying to decide if I want to install them.
The stock TRD wheels are only 7.5" wide, so if you are running a wider wheel with similar backspacing you may not "need" a spacer. It looks like your current wheels already stick out as far as mine with spacers.

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The Harvester of Sorrow? Would go with your forum name. :)
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nice looking truck ...

2007 FJ Cruiser – Voodoo Blue - C Pckge – AT
Toytec Ultimate 3” Lift / Total Chaos UCA
285/70R/17 Michelin LTX A/T
Clazzio Seat Covers

In the Mail – DeMello Hybrid Sliders / ECGS 3rd member 4.56 gears /
ECGS Front Diff 4.56 gears / ARB Front Locker / ARB mini compressor
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