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am i registered please check. I sent a check to the address given but with all the excitement sent only the check no other info. I'm just a bone head, check had my info name address. think you would have like a note of some kind. will do that for the 08 summit.

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I too sent a check last week and haven't received a confirmation - I guess I am just nervous that it didn't get there and is stranded in a dead-letter file in Kansas City....

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Had a dream yesterday that I was on my way up there to the summit and there was a pair of wierd colored FJs. Went to check them out and the phone rang. Back to work.

Too many hours last week. I'm ready for a break.

Heading to Durango tomorrow for lunch and supplies, and a vitamin "B".

Really looking forward to getting OOT for a while and meeting you folks.

I know it's somewhere on the forum, but... what channel are people going to be on as to CB or other radios???

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Hey guys i registered back on 5-28 and haven,t heard anything from anyone yet no e-mail can some check my status? :)

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It looks like everyone is going to use channel 7.

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post a list of those attending :( why won't you guys? :(
It's a thing with me :) I work in a business of security and confidentiality. Because we have registered almost 180 people, we have in our possession what some would consider personal information. I take individuals personal information very seriously. Because of this, I don't want to post someone's information to a public venue on the off chance they have an issue of having their information released, even if that is just their name.

I know it seems that I'm paranoid, but I would rather keep everyone's information confidential. I'm going to be emailing everyone and asking them if it is OK if I give their email address to others in their area so people can coordinate caravan's and what not. I’ll also ask if its OK if I post their forum name so that others can see who is coming. I won't however give out a big list of people's names and locations.

I will post however how many people are coming from each state, and some other information:

Number of FJ’s: 179
CO 45
CA 24
AZ 19
TX 18
NM 8
MO 7
OR 4
NC 4
GA 4
IL 4
MI 3
UT 3
TN 3
ON 3
OK 2
AR 2
CT 2
AL 2
WI 2
WA 2
KS 2
NV 2
FL 2
MD 1
NE 1
OH 1
WY 1
QC 1
PA 1
NY 1
BC 1
MA 1
VA 1
IN 1
KY 1

T Shirt size numbers: (I think we all need to get into the Gym.)
S : 3
M : 17
L : 53
XL : 69
XXL: 37

Numbers of People:
Passengers: 155
Children: 62
Total Number of people coming: 396

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Um, other groups post whose attending their events (e.g. TTORA Takeover). Just the user names. :roller:
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