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I'm going to Gen. Sam's today, damnit!

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I know it's short notice, but better than nothing.

I'm about to go through my pre-run check list then head out. I should be there all day, so if you want to tag along, give me a call.


I've got an extra 2-way radio, too, in case anyone needs one.

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Wish my kids and I could go, please take some pics or bring back a trail report!

I'll be heading out to Memorial Park (MAP LINK HERE) to let the kids run and play and see if the TLCC of Houston show up for their meeting.
Oh man, what a blast.

The toytec adjustables and 33" BFG M/T's really make a difference.

The park wasn't too muddy, but there was definetly some mud holes we had fun in. Some deep enough to warrant the snorkel. A lot of the trails were washed out so there was quite a bit of rut straddling/technical driving. As always, thanks to my spotter.

All in all, a fun day. Wish some of you guys could have made it.

Had to do a trail repair, too. Front left tire developed a leak at the bead.
Sure am! My old man wants me to take him wheeling next weekend, while he's in town. Wanna tag along?
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