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Imogene Question

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For those of you that have done Imogene before. In your opinion how easy or difficult is this trail.

I (Jackie) may be driving this and I have only started driving trails. Tony may not make it to the Summit until Thurs.

I need your opinion. I know that M will be leading us, so I will be in good hands. :bigthumb:

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Hi Jackie.
I know you're already settled on this one, but I figured I'd add comments.
JammerGirl drove this one in our stock 2003 ChvBlzr back in 2003 (or was it 04?).

It's pretty much just a bumpy gravel road for the most part.

The only problem a non-SUV car type of vehicle would have is a section or two of sharp-ish rocks (i.e. thin-tread street tires).

I've never been over Black Bear yet, but we're doing that one this year too and I can't imagine it will be much of a challenge for Sandi.

Like I said in another thread recently, compared to what we do out on the trails on the weekends together, the Summit trails will be a breeze (unless of course, you're prone to sudden and fast sharp turns on narrow roads). :)

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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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