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installer in Las Vegas....

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If any Vegans out there do the JBA Headers installation, Where did you go for the installation (welding, etc....)? hoping to get them done at an experienced installer, since I've heard many problems with in-experienced places...
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I only know of one guy here that has the JBAs. I think he bought them used with the Cats already welded. I'm going to see him tomorrow so I'll ask. He is on our local forums but I don't know if he has an account here.
Im thinking of doing this mod, next week....hopefully it will only take a few hours or schedule has been hectic....
I didn't see the guy with the JBAs today but I am pretty sure he bought them used with the Cats already welded.

There is one place you could try, Drive In Gear. A couple of guys have been using them for body mounts and other fab work/installs. They may be able to do it. They are on Fremont Street 888-252-0800.
Performance Muffler Shop on 5155 dean martin (Industrial) should be able to do it.
I got an estimate at Fletcher Jones Toyota ($660.00)....not what I was expecting. Shack Findley Toyota, wont even attempt to do the install. Desert toyota hasnt returned my call its been a week...Im assuming there not going to do this also... I will look into Razrs option, and check some other Shops...I'm hoping to get an installer, that kind of knows what their doing...and not just winging it....
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