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Just bought a 2008 and want to keep the stock stereo. Already bought the 2010+ mirror and camera itself.
Here is what i need more info

1. How does the spare tire carrier from a 2010 look? Can i modify my 2008 or do i need to buy the newer one?
2. Anyone know where the wires are routed from the mirror and into the spare tire carrier?

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There are several threads on here with photos of how folks added a backup camera to an FJ that didn't come with one.

By far, the easiest way to do it is to buy a new navi head unit with the big display screen and use its dedicated camera and harness (I used Pioneer). Added benefits besides navigation and back up camera: also bluetooth and hands free phone, plus a far better amplifier, tuner and SD card and USB compatibility. Besides all of those things, a new camera system will use the latest imaging technology and be far clearer in low light conditions, than what was used way back in '10.

To get the wire to the inner mirror, if you decided to mess around with the old tech, you'd need the whole harness off a donor car, or make your own somehow and run it up the a pillars. If you do use a modern head unit with display, the routing of wires is super easy because there's so much room behind the dash, and the kick plates are all designed to be easily removed/replaced without tools.

To get the wire to the spare tire carrier, you do have to pull the rear quarter trim out far enough to drop the wire behind them. Then, at the back door wire harness grommet, I found that you can un-tape and remove it from the door, and then pull out the washer hose to make room and feed the new wire through, then re-assemble everything.

The hardest part is drilling the new hole through your door outer panel (gulp).

I used a block of wood to position the camera in the right place (get the spare tire cover with the cutout first, then use that to position your camera). After a few tries you'll get it right and can permanently fix the wood to the existing spare tire carrier, and the camera to that.

There's a heck of a lot more detail than this available in previous threads. Please do a search and read them over for lots of tips.
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