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Hey everyone.

I am new to winch's and was wondering what integrated and non-integrated mean. I am looking at the Road Armor titan front bumper with the winch mount. I see that they offer there bumpers with integrated and non-integrated winch mounts. It sounds like integrated would mean the winch attach's to the bumper and non-itegrated would attach to the frame. Its just a guess but could someone please let me know. Sorry if this has been posted some where else, I have been reading posts for the past few hours and did not see it any where.
Welcome to the forum:
50 views and no response so I'll take a stab at it even tho I'm not YET a winch owner:mecry:
For the sake of clarification: integrated winches are winches in which the control box (solenoid) is part of the winch body itself. This makes them larger and therefore, sometimes incompatible with different aftermarket bumpers. In contrast, the non-integrated winches have a separate solenoid which can be located on the bumper above the winch or (usually with extra wiring) in the engine compartment. This allows the winch itself to be smaller and therefore more compatible with most aftermarket bumpers. Hope this helps.:)

PS anyone else please feel free to correct and/or expound upon my feeble summary
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