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In order to get a larger kit made, they are looking for 20 orders min. Anyone interested please let me know!

Angel eye kit

Known as "Angel Eyes", these rings can be installed inside your headlamp for a high-class effect.

The glass tubes can be secured inside the headlamp assembly with glue. Because the tubes are made of glass, they are not flexible and cannot be bent.

You get
2 Transformers
3 circle tubes - Normally you'd just need 2 tubes, but we include an extra 3rd tube at no extra cost.
They are available in 5 popular diameters
128mm - comes with diffusing acrylic ring
But how do I know which one will fit my car?

Custom colors, sizes, or shapes
We can make virtually any size, color, or shape according to your requirements. We require a minimum order of at least 20 kits. The lead time is 2 months.

Caution: Do NOT extend the white wires. Mount the transformer as far away from hot engine components as possible. Try to keep the white wires from being coiled up or kris-crossing. They carry an AC current and are sensitive. The glass tubes are fragile - be careful not to break them.

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i think they look good on BMWs and the scion tc you pictured, but it might be too "ricey" for the FJ. just my 2 cents though.
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