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Here is what I did to make my aux LED lights come on when I open the door. I have yet to install the switch but when I do I’ll post the pics.

My objective is to have additional lighting near my feet when entering and an optional manual on switch.

Do this and any mod I post at your own risk.
First: Disconnect the battery.

1. Open fuse box and find the red wire going to connector 1A pin 4 on driver’s side junction box. NOTE: This is the power or +12V and will turn off after some time (10 minutes?). It is the same power that goes to your dome light. This is fused through the 10A "DOME" fuse and should not require an additional fuse if you are using an LED that will draw less than 1 amp or so. If you are not sure of your amp draw then an additional fuse is suggested.

2. Install T-tap onto red wire.

3. Find a convenient ground point if you want your lighting on for 10 minutes after the door is closed (not my preferred option!!).

Or connect your switch to connector 1A pin 8 for the door ground and connector 1A pin 7 for the always on ground. (I have not installed my switch yet; sorry no pics of this).
Don't forget to reconnect the battery!

Here's my modified wiring diagram:
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