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I've admired the FJ's unique appearance since it first came out and I was teenager. About a month ago I finally captured one, and I couldn't be happier. It took some convincing my wife though that it is, in fact, a great future family vehicle haha - e.g. no carpet means easy clean up of spills, back doors require front to be opened first (security measure), and 4x4 means I can get to anyone anywhere in the event of a zombie apocalypse. If you can think of other reasons, I'd be interested to know! I'm a complete newbie to 4x4 so I'm browsing the forums to learn about that. You can see below I completely "nerded-out" with an iPhone photo session.

2014, 4WD, Automatic, Iceberg, upgraded speakers
<150k mi. clean title, local
Paid $20k before tax.





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Welcome from Oregon 馃檪

Nothing wrong with lots of pictures, we love 'em!!

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Welcome from Texas!
It's a Toyota, duh.
You won't be at the nudie clubs because you won't have any extra $$
You'll be able to carry a lot more groceries in it than you could possibly carry on your own.
You get to say things like "It's like a jeep but it runs."
3 windshield wipers are friggin cool.
However, now that you have your FJ, the ol "wife" will have to accept her new place in the hierarchy....

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Welcome aboard!

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Nice pics. Congrats. Tell her since you have it you won't bother her as much. If you are Newlyweds disregard. Otherwise you will get it. Works for me, but we have been together 20 yrs.
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