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For those interested....take a look at a digital Vehicle Clinometer app for the iPhone.

You can view full details by following the link:

Vehicle Clinometer / Tilt meter for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

I've been playing with it and I have to say it's interesting (I wouldn't bet my vehicle on it --- or my life), but it might be about as useful as Toyota's Floating Ball Multi-information Display (FBMID) --- and it's got a much more appealing pricetag: $1.99.

I think if the app could get localized outdoor temperature feeds and use the iPhone's GPS capabilities to estimate speed - these functions would make the app even more interesting. I may offer the suggestions to the developer.

* I've attached a screen shot from the app (orientation can be set to letter or landscape).

For FJ drivers without Toyota's FBMID - this app offers an easy (and cheap) alternative. However, a major downside of the app is its dependency upon cellular signal strength.



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