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Well all, we're finally back home. We took the "long way" :lol: Sunday after the Summit we took the Silverton Train from Silverton to Durango, stayed in Durango for the night and then took the train back to Silverton. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately Annykah (our 15 month old) threw up on the switchbacks coming back up 550 all over the back of the FJ :wave: Oh well. Then we came back up through Wyoming and through Montana since we have family from Wyoming and my wife had never been to any of those places.

But I have to say, we had an AWESOME time in Ouray! Mega thanks to Jason for everything he's done, as well as the others who help him out. Special thanks to Ty for his helping my father and I as well. I'm willing to do anything I can to help out next year!

Things I learned at the Summit:

The white hotel down one of the side streets has AWESOME pizza (can't remember it's name).
The Silver Nugget cafe or whatever it's called - it's a corner cafe on one of the first big buildings as you come into town on the right - is filthy and not very well managed but has decent food.
Colorado has a lot of cliffs.
Saturday is not the right day to run the Imogene.
I'm too much of a wuss for the Black Bear Road.
My big black balls are pretty cool :rocker: :lol:
For some reason, without variation, someone always discusses diapers while on the trail (happened all three days :lol: ).
Trail Teams Ron didn't remember who I was even though I saw him once two and a half years ago :lol: j/k

All in all we had lots of fun. Thanks again to everyone who led us on the trails and all the tailgunners. Great times were had by all! I'll get pictures up soon! :D

- Patrick
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