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Ok now the question I have had my FJ since January and have not done anything to intergrate my IPod other than a cord running to the aux (in the front.) I have looked at the USASpec Product also at the dice product and one issue. I do not need either, what I mean is I do not care if the songs and info show up on my FJammer nor do I even really care if I can shuffle songs with my stearing wheel controls. I prefer the ProClipsUSA holders and had one in my Jeep before. In that case as well as the FJ they both have mounts that put the IPod right around the middle vent right at face level.

So I am fine using the controls of the IPod and will be able to work it with out getting into a wreck. With that said all I need is a way to hard wire the IPod to the aux but instead of doing it with the cord in the front would like to do it through the back like the other devices. It would be nice if the cord connected to the bottom like the others and tied into the power just do not need the other things and figure if I can find one with out all those bells and whistles it might come at a cheaper price.

Does anyone make a simpler IPod intergration cord/device at a cheaper cost?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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