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The Gen-II kits install and operate completely different than all our previous kits. Instead of just stopping the system from running and replacing bad electrical components with kit add on proxies the Gen-II kit emulate the secondary air injection system. The main unit itself actually replaces the factory air injection control driver and then connects to the air switching valves with its harness. Once installed the only part of the system the vehicle needs are the secondary air injection pressure sensors. The pressure sensors will be either the ones that are part of the air switching valves or if those are damaged replaced by our Pressure Sensor Options(PSO) kit addons. With the Gen-II kit and two PSO installed the entire system, air pump, plumbing and air switching valves can all be removed.
This is the perfect solution for adding headers with no air tubes, adding a super/turbo charger or if you just want to remove the pump to make room for that second battery.
You can find the Gen-II kits here:
Hewitt Tech GenII Bypass Kits

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions.
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