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Hey all, recently had a SAS done to my 08 FJC and now it's time to share. Kept the rear "stock". Gonna try to keep this simple but also have a few questions for the gurus out there... :grin

All Pro 3 Link
Trail Gear Fully Assembled Rock Assault axle
-4.88 gears
-ARB air locker
-Grizzly manual hubs
King 2.5x12 coilover with remote reservoir and adjusters
Trail Gear steering box

Ordered misc parts from Pro Comp's 6" lift
-coil springs
-sway bar end links
-bracket for rear panhard bar
Warrior Products 2" lift spacer
Metal Tech Upper and Lower links (soon to come)

All work was performed by Hellbent Performance Offroad in Chesterfield, MO

My questions are on the electrical side of things and I'm hoping one of the experts can chime in.
1. Any way to get the parking brake light (in dash) to function properly? Apparently it has to work to pass safety inspections here in MO...
2. Blinking 4wd light. Turn off completely or rewire to function properly?
3. I've read through numerous threads on eliminating the "christmas tree" in my dash and want to say thanks to Sol for all he has done. I found a chart over on ih8mud that Sol created showing which pins to remove from the A4 connector but following his instructions ( post #12 ) I can't seem to get mine out of the connector? I've pulled pretty hard on the wires with pliers too and had no luck...

Haven't got to wheel it yet, I'm still going through the break in period on my gears. Any help that can be given is appreciated and I hope you enoy the pics :cheers:


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