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I just wanted to pass this on..I posted it in another thread but thought I would post it here as well,allot of my investors are correctional officers and sheriffs,and anyone watching the news around here has heard of the acorn gang...

Please be aware of your surroundings, especially when shopping.
I just want to forward this to everyone I know. The incident below
happened to my brother-in-law three weeks ago. He was going down 11th
street in Decoto (Union City) and a car came from behind flicked their
lights and tried to bump his car. As my brother-in-law looked thru his
rear view mirror, he noticed the people in the car had masks on. He
knew, right then and there, that he was in trouble. The car just
started picking up speed as they began a car chase thru 10th, 9th and
8th street. They then started shooting at him. He called 911 and was
able to get to an open road and meet up with police. To make a long
story short, the police did catch the two people. My brother-in-law
first thought they wanted to rob him. However,the police found they had
two rifles and a shotgun and realized they wanted to kill him. Please
read below and don't stop for anything.. an d carry a cell phone with you

To My California Friends,

Many of you know I work at the Alameda County Sheriff's Archive.
One of the deputies sent me the following warning out of Tracy's Duel .
I hesitate to alarm people needlessly, but even my Mother Lode friends
who travel in the Bay Area need to be aware of this. I've passed it to
at least one member of every club and organization I belong to. Make
sure you do the same. Better duplicates than someone we know becomes a
victim. My friend is Gary Lindsay a newly retired Sheriff's Deputy from

Mary Matzek

Hello everyone,
I just got a call from a friend who is a prison guard at DVI in
Tracy, Ca. He wanted me to warn everyone about a new gang initiation.
He learned about this from the inmates in jail . THIS IS FOR
Initiation started on April 24th and this is what they do:
At a stop light/sign they will 'bump' your car. You will then
get out to see what is going on then... they will shoot you. This is
happening across the state. Everyone is a target, but mainly females.

PLEASE, PLEASE forward this e-mail a.s.a.p to all of your
friends and family. I just checked with the Commander of Law Enforcement Services
and he tells me that it is true. We are informing our staff. Please
pass this along to everyone you know.

LaDonna M. Harris, Commander
Detentions and Corrections Division
1401 Lakeside Drive, 12th Floor
Oakland, California 94612

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Yeah!! like I said I dont know how true this is since it does say false on but you never know around here in Oakland especially since 6 people were shot dead sat. alone in different areas...

Boss... your pad in the safe zone in between all these damn fires??

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Glad to here Boss..

Yeah maybe we should catch these idiots and bump them!! :thinkerg:
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