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Just asking.. Anyone higher than 6" on their FJ?

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Just throwing it out there... is there is a kit, one off, or if anyones "added" to there 6" kit to make it a bit taller?

Its just a question, not looking to ruffle any feathers or get opinions as to why you dont like it or think its a waste of an FJ.

Thanks in advance :cheers:
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Re: Just asking.. Anyone higher then 6" on their FJ?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Looks like Ill just take the easy road, and go with a 6" kit.

One last question, do this "kits" come with the parts to drop the diff.?
Re: Just asking.. Anyone higher then 6" on their FJ?

Ive seen the ProComp kit for under 1,500.00.
Was that not the entire kit?

Not worried about MPG, as after I lifted the wifes Armada 3", it gets around 12city, but thats before we add the 35's. :mecry:
Still pulls my other truck around great though, and its a nice safe hauler for my kids.

Im trying to build this FJ on paper first, so thanks again for everyones replies. :)


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