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Just ordered my Toytec!

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I just placed my order this morning for the 884/Custom TT rear combo. It should arrive by next Tuesday. I plan on at least doing the rear, but I may drop the fronts off to get the coils swapped out. Either way, I'm looking forward to getting it up (the FJ that is!). Don (tisilverFJ) gave me some very good info and Kirk at Toytec was great and so have all of the write-ups. It's easy to select the right lift when there are is such a diverse collection of wheelers on the Forum. Thanks!
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I know it looks a little goofy with the 265's, but not goofy enough to spend more dough on gas. Less $ on gas = more $ for skids/CB/tires/wheels....
It looks great with the 265's.
2 sets of tires is a good plan.
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