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Just took delivery of 2010 FJ (#3rd)

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Hi All from Atlanta,

Just bought (very slightly) used 2010 FJ - manual 4WD, Black. Had two previously - dont ask - no issues w/ previous two (07 auto 2WD, 07 auto 4WD, both Voodo Blue). I'm thrilled and ready to roll! Never had a manual 4WD - anyone have experience? Thanks!:wave:
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Greetings from a fellow (transient) Atlantean.

It has an annoying transition between the first and second gear (frequent "clunks" unless you're really careful - but that's difficult when one's always in a hurry), and is sluggish for city driving unless you're not into saving gas.

But it's fun to drive regardless, and I like the long throw stick.
<mini - hijack>

Ivan, if I still lived in New Jersey (was in EHTwnsp), I'd probably be asking for your help (and tools) in installing stuff...

To the OP, I know Ivan's entirely happy with his 6M/T.

Or maybe he forces himself to be so.
Love the 6spd, and I couldn't imagine driving the FJ as an automatic. I'm on my 2nd FJ......both sticks!!
you find a good thing... stick with it. congrats on #3
Hello and welcome! Hatrick.
Welcome aboard!
:wave: Welcome. Third time is the charm.:signed:
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