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Just Wondering What Type Of Gas Is Being Used...

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hey everyone i was just wondering what kinds of gas such as premium, leaded, unleaded.... it says premium on the gas tank, but is it bad to use leaded or unleaded? will this mess up the motor, just wondeirng cause gas is all ****ed up right now!..

thanks alot guys...
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Using 91 Octane on mine...
Mr. Medic and I definately notice a performance difference when we get "crappy" gas. So much so that hubby (when home) often puts an octane booster in the tank with each fill up, and I have taken to doing the same.

I went about six fill ups without it (out of laziness and never picking any up)while he was gone, and it seemed to be "running hard". When he came home on R&R, the first thing he did was throw in an octane booster, and she ran much, much better and quieter. The difference is literally audible. We have ALWAYS used the "premium" top grade fuel, but as you probably know the quality of so called premium fuel varies from gas station to gas station. It works my nerves that we end up adding that booster to what is supposed to be the best fuel, but it is what it is.

(Side note: I was livid after we bought the thing for that reason ONLY. We didn't ever think to look inside the gas cap when we test drove it and bought it. Two days later, when he went to fill up, I heard my husband yell *&$#@%*&!!!! when he discovered the words "Premium fuel only" inside the cover)

I try to justify it by telling myself that if we can afford the FJ, we can afford to fuel it properly, but at this point, I've considered selling our oldest to the circus to offset the price of gas. :p
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here's the answer

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There's a bulletin from Toyota correcting the premium only statement. 87, 89, or 91 they will all be ok. Run what you feel works best for you.
Premium all the time. For the couple dollars more why not.
There's a bulletin from Toyota correcting the premium only statement. 87, 89, or 91 they will all be ok. Run what you feel works best for you.
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87 octane, 97% of the time. I've done comparisons running multiple tanks of regular vs. premium and found it more economical to run regular. The very slight increase in mpg using premium does not offset the higher cost. JMHO
I've seen the scanned picture of the bulletin, but does anybody have a link to where I could find this officially on Toyota's website? I never received any bulletin, just wanted to verify the validity.
It was an internal communication to the dealerships, it's not on the Toyota website (note the comment in the bulletin regarding the brochure and website)

If you are questioning it's validity, I can offer you no further help. It was delivered to the dealerships 2 days before the original launch date for the FJ Cruiser.
Rover, I'm not doubting you, it just seems like there are always conflicting stories on this one. Thanks for the help!
There are conflicting stories regarding a lot of things, it's up to us to look things over with a discerning eye.

Remember, most of the advice you get on an internet forum is worth exactly what it cost you. :)
Normal driving 87... i add some seafoam every 5k or so. Then 91 from either shell or exxon while wheeling

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Leaded? RLY, you're asking this?

What car made in the last 40 years has recommended the use of leaded fuel?
91 since day 1, I had to use half a tankl of regular because that was all the samll town gas station had. Could tell right away - the FJ was none to pleased with it.
I've always used 87, but 2 weeks ago the local Valero had 89 for only $0.03/gal more than 87 (no idea why, maybe an error in their system). So I jumped on it and really didn't notice a difference, until I went back to 87 on the next tank. Then I realized just how much difference the 89 made. I'll soon be buying a small car for daily commuting, so I'll probably start using 91-93 in the FJ since I won't be driving it much.
93 Exxon or Shell since day one and not planning to change that. I did try regular, truck definitely didn`t like it. Maybe with 6MT difference is more pronounced, i don`t know :)
87 for me
reset the ECU and tried 4 tanks of 93 with no noticeable increase in mileage or performance.
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