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My 2011 as she is right now. She is my second FJ.

Current Mods
DO single hoop front bumper
DO 3 stage sliders - No longer in production
Expedition One rear bumper
Expedition One Washer Fluid Reservoir
Sway-A-Way front coilovers
ICON Tubular UCAs
Ricochet HD, transmission, transfer case, and control arm skids plus rock blocks
Bandi Mount
Cobra 75WXST CB
Scuba Mod
Nitro 4.56 gears
ARB air locker
ARB air locker compressor
Cooper S/T Maxx 285/70r17 on stock rims / Federal Couragia MT for beadlocks - I swop depending on terrain
Blacked out
Pioneer TS-A878 3.5" speakers in dash
Kenwood KFC-G6930 6x9 speakers for the doors
Superwinch Talon 9.5 SR
Factor 55 ProLink
48" Hi-Lift jack
DO jack mounts
DYI shovel mount
Spidertrax 1.25" spacers
Pathfinder Recovery Gear Snorkel
Cragar Black Soft 8 17x8 rims converted to beadlocks
Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS
Body Mount Chop
Bones Off-Road Dead Pedal
Ellis Precision Black Billet Shift Knobs - Stealth
Metal-Tech Rear Long Travel Stage 4 Kit (Aug 8, 2014)
Rocktek Shock Armor
Redline Lower Link Armor
Viair Constant Air Onboard Air System
Resz Fab Light Bar Mounts
Opt7 C2 Series 50" LED Light Bar on front
STV Curved 40" LED Light Bar on rear

Wish list
All Pro Rear AntiRock Sway Bar
BudBuilt Tummy Tuck
Inchworm / TG Verso or similar
Gobi Stealth Rack

Had in the Past:
Light Racing UCA
Ricochet bash and engine
Redline rear lower links
Outrider rear link skids - front only
Forward facing camera

Items on my first FJ
ICON stage 1 lift
DO 3 hoop front bumper
DO Hybrid sliders
Smittybilt XRC8 winch
Ricochet bash and engine skids

My first FJ....

Bought on February 29th, 2008. Here she is stock.

My first mod was to get rid of the BFG Rugged Trails and put Yokohoma's on. They aren't the best for offroading, but I still wasn't doing much.

January 2010 all changed! A coworker was teasing me about owning the FJ yet never taking it off road and told me about Barnwell Mt, in Gilmer, Tx. This was just before the Texas Lone Star Toyota Jamboree. You can read my thread at Barnwell Mountain Review Jan 9, 2010.

A few days later, I decided to go to the Jamboree as a spectator just to see what people had done to their FJ's. My primary purpose was to see the ARB bumper because I was thinking about getting it. But I wanted to see other bumpers as well. This is where I met Jason DeMello and decided his was the bumper I wanted. It was also here that I realized that I needed a lift kit.

Finally in May, I started my build!

First sliders - DeMello hybrid's I bought on the tail end of his GB - bare metal that I primed, painted and installed.

Next was a simple scuba mod then window tint.


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After those smaller mods, it was time for the bigger stuff. So, lift was next! :rocker: ICON Stage 1

This is where I started learning a lot about my FJ. It was the first major modification I had ever done and gave me several challenges. I did not take a lot of pictures because not only was I by myself doing it, but there are a lot of other post with the pictures.

What I learned was that the you did not have to take apart your front ball joint but simple remove the sway bar completely. This means taking off the OEM skids then unbolting the sway bar. After that, I ended up having to disconnect the A-arm from the wheel hub to give me more play room.

The rear shocks were the hardest part of the install. I had to cut off the plastic cover over the bilstien shocks to grab the shaft with a vice grips to break the bolt on top of the shock. For the passenger side, I had to use two vice grips. Took me a very long time to get these shocks off.

Note: Dremel to cut them off would have been a lot easier!

Here is the front after install.


And the rear.

Here is a pic from the road. Notice the first very important mod - sticker! LOL I swear I go faster with it! :lol:


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While waiting on the bumper to come in, I decided that it was time for armor so bought some Ricochet skids.

I only got the bash, engine and transmission plates. Install was for the most part easy. Loved the last part of the instructions from Ricochet that said drink a beer.

DO 3 hoop bumper install coming next!

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DeMello 3 hoop powder coated bumper

I took off yesterday in preparation for getting my DO bumper in and started early getting the FJ ready for the new addition. I didn't have the instructions yet, so basically looked on here for what to do and started taking the front apart.

First was the grill.

The bottom.

Metal bumper - I was afraid this was going to be the hardest part, but using a 14mm closed end wrench and a hammer to break the bolts, they came off pretty easy. Just took one good hit with the hammer to do it. I didn't have a deep socket or would have used that.

I took my time doing all this because I started early, around 10am, and knew the UPS guy wouldn't be there until close to 3pm. Plus with it expected to be about 100 degrees outside, I took lots of breaks.

Finally, the bumper came!

UPS damage was minimal. Only one spot that I have to fix.

Now for prep! And this is where all the fun started. I bought a Smittybilt XRC8 winch to install

but why would I expect that to be easy? LOL Bolts to fairlead where bigger than stated so couldn't install. Next, the winch doesn't come with a way of mounting other than to the winch, so that had to wait. So, lights.... Nope! Mounting brackets are different than pattern on bumper. So, finally I decided to heck with it and install bumper. I will finish it later!

Here is the bumper installed


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Looks good FJDude, DO bumper looks great. Getting mine on monday:bigthumb:

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Looking real good so far! You will get all the little kinks worked must put out a S.O.S for some local members to lend you a hand! Thanks for sharing all your mods! :rocker: :wave:

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Really good choices of first mods!!!

Looks great!

You should come out with me to some of the Texas trail rides. I believe towards late summer, early fall, me and some guys might be taking a trip to Katemcy2. me in the 80 of course

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lookin good!! damn i need to lift mine !

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damn i need to lift mine !
Have to admit that the lift is one of the best mods you can do. Makes you feel like you have a real offroad vehicle. :bigthumb:

Forgot to add my latest mod. New windshield! :rocker: LOL

Today, I am installing my Hella lights with Gear Jammin light bar.
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