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Tall(er), Skinnier for stock FJ?

I know tire size has been discussed to death here, but being new to FJs it's challenging to sort through all the data. I had this figured out completely on my Land Rover, but need some help here.

Can someone recommend a slightly taller and skinnier tire size that will fit on a stock FJ with 17" rims?

I like the General Grabber AT2 (have them on my Discovery), which are available in 235/80R17:

Currently Available Prices and Sizes

Or, there's a wider selection of tires available in the 245/75R17 size:

Compare Tire Search Results

I know the BFG T/A KOs are great, but anyone running anything else at this size?

I'm looking for something in the solidly A/T category--decent off-road, reasonably comfortable and quiet on the highway.
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