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At 30,000 miles I asked a dealer to change all the essentials and check on some seeping I noticed from the front differential between the clamshells. All fluids changed and told nothing wrong with the front differential. Okay.

Less than 2000 miles later the front differential is leaking substantially from the clamshell and the rear has started seeping between the carrier and axle.

Take to different dealer with trusted mechanic. 4 lower bolts on front differential were loose and the seal failed; this apparently from the factory. Drained, cracked open to check for further damage, resealed and bolts properly torqued. Rear differential leaking for no apparent reason; no flaws, seal appeared good, bolts happy; but drained, cracked open, and resealed. All covered under warranty.

Also noted additional feedback from the steering column. Learned the inner tie rods were failing due to excess droop from the lift (OME 886) and this would not be covered under warranty. I consulted with ARB and they disagreed that the OME springs and struts would cause excess droop and effect the inner tie rods, but did warn that additional spacers and trim packers would. Oddly enough, just prior to this I had installed 10mm enhancers and 5mm trim packers and run them for several months until one of the strut inner seals failed on a strenuous Moab trip, after which I replaced the struts and ditched the spacers and trim packers.

Note: the inner tie rods run about $150 each and the labor is about $200 to replace them, and then you need an alignment ($60.) I walked in expecting a $40 oil change and warranty work, and walked out with a $600 repair.

I have heard of other folks with loose diff bolts, both on FJs and newer Tacos, so I recommend torquing yours to avoid this hassle. Rear diff, I dunno, but they are a known problem for other reasons, so we'll see. The inner tie rods was a new one on me, but I know what I'll be learning to change on my own next!
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