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Got a leak in front diff. Took the skid plate down and looking at where the left axle interfaces with the diff. The gap you see in the comparison between the pics is about 1/4”, and easy to move in and out. In contrast, the right axle has only 1/16” gap. Is this maybe an indication the internal “C” clip, on the end of the axle shaft is broken? Or is this a normal amount of play?
Also, this appears to be an aftermarket axle as the OEM ones i see online have more of a rounded hexagonal shape with detents for driving it out for replacement.
Im trying to figure out if I need to replace axle, or just remove for seal replacement. This is my only vehicle, and I live 45 minutes from town. This will be a weekend project so I need to have all my ducks in a row to be back to work on Monday.
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