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Lift me up!

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Im currently in the market for an fj and have been on this forum for a little while sitting back and researching as much as I can about these beasts.

I know that i will lightly mod (i.e. suspension, wheels/tires, f/r bumpers, winch, and lots of lights) my fj when I get one. Although, Im not looking for a massive, destructive vehicle to destroy all; just something to take off road and have fun from time to time.

As for this thread, my question is about modifying the suspension. I have read about large lifts to suspension that requires additional mods (i.e. cv joints and axles). Im not looking to upgrade a suspension that results in more parts needed to complete the deal.

So my question is: What is the height that I can safely lift that can prevent expensive additions to be purchased? If it is inevitable then so be it, ill replace the weakest links, i.e. the lower links (which i believe to be the anti-sway bar end links). I plan to upgrade to 285s for a 16'' rim.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :cheers:
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3" of lift and 33s or smaller seems to be the jumping off point before you start needing to beef up or relocate dirvetrain componants or other items.

Of course all of this depneds on use as an FJ with a 6" lift and 35's might not actually need a beefier diff, different gears, stonger axles etc. if it's only driven lightly on the street. You might still need address the dirveshaft angles though.

The FJ should be fairly competant stock or with a 3" lift and 33s. This from what I've observed here and experianced with my stock TRD Taco. My FJ is so new that I have not had a chance to take offroad yet. So far i love it though.. best of luck finding the one you want.
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