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Lift me up!

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Im currently in the market for an fj and have been on this forum for a little while sitting back and researching as much as I can about these beasts.

I know that i will lightly mod (i.e. suspension, wheels/tires, f/r bumpers, winch, and lots of lights) my fj when I get one. Although, Im not looking for a massive, destructive vehicle to destroy all; just something to take off road and have fun from time to time.

As for this thread, my question is about modifying the suspension. I have read about large lifts to suspension that requires additional mods (i.e. cv joints and axles). Im not looking to upgrade a suspension that results in more parts needed to complete the deal.

So my question is: What is the height that I can safely lift that can prevent expensive additions to be purchased? If it is inevitable then so be it, ill replace the weakest links, i.e. the lower links (which i believe to be the anti-sway bar end links). I plan to upgrade to 285s for a 16'' rim.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :cheers:
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Thanks for your help. :bigthumb:
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