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I found the below while checking what else was available other then a MyersHub

Premier Hazard - Public safety systems designed for the toughest jobs
Quick Release Connectors

Allows you to separate a vehicle’s lightbar from its cable with a quarter turn of the connecter.

• A gasket provides a seal between the housing and the
vehicle roof.

• Connector assembly includes a rubber boot, which
provides a watertight seal over the connectors once
attached, and a plastic loom, which protects the wires
entering a lightbar.

• Connector housing is permanently mounted to the
rooftop of the vehicle with four screws and protects the
female end of the 23 pin connector.
I contacted these folks and hope to find a source in the US to buy this roof connector for light bars and other accessories.
Might just be group buy worthy :rocker:

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This is something I'm looking for.

My biggest question is what kind of amperage can you push through it. My biggest concern is not melting the feed cable if you have lights on.

If you get through to them see if you can get a spec sheet.

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Looks pretty cool, nice find!:cheers:
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