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Little Idea

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I think it would be sweet to get a program going, similiar to google earth, or a run off of it. Something that guys could put in they're address, or just zip code or something and other guys could see whos around them, also with the name tag it could also say if your up for wheeling or what not and maybe like an email address or something.

also if you could also show addresses of wheeling spots everyone knows about, a sort of database. and people can go on it, look up wheeling spots along with their difficulty, some pictures, and of course it would have the address to get their so you could easily use some get directions feature.

just thinking it would be a sweet way for everyone to organize together, or stay in touch, or find new places to wheel around. and wondering if anyone on the forum has this kind of programming skills, or if there's a program out for this already

sorry if this has been posted before, just got the idea from the map feature on flickr and had to share it :D
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I believe that FJ Cruiser Magazine or some other site has this already set up. I'll try to find it and post back shortly...

Ok, This is what I what I had seen before:

FJ Cruiser Clubs & Groups - FJC Magazine: For FJ Cruiser Owners & Enthusiasts

It is only for FJ groupls and clubs. I like your idea and would participate.
ahh thats pretty cool, it would be awesome if they had one where trails could be posted and individual members
I like that idea too. I would participate for sure.
great idea logan
There is a post in here somewhere that has a google earth thing where you can show where you are and see others. I was looking for it a couple of weeks ago and could not bring it up on a search.
This forum used to have something similar, but alas, it is no more. Or atleast I can't find it...
i'd love to see a software guru from the forums get this going :D
This site used to have hookup to google earth, where you could look in your area and see dots corresponding with members and where they live. creepy.

i can't find it though. (long long time ago)
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