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Loaded LMT Upper or Part out Sale

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Loaded LMT Upper, LMT BCG and Samson MRFS DI Rail

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Is the barrel a 1/7 or 1/9 twist?

also, I think bushmaster sells a drop in piston conversion kit.....if you decide to hold onto it and still go gas piston...just an idea
LMTs are 1/7 twist they are supplier of sopmod stock and uppers for the navy seal mk18 rifless. The Bushmaster piston kit is the ARES kit and I have seen them fail. I have seen too many issues to buy bushmaster nowadays which is why it suck magpul has them making the massad aka Bushmaster ACR. LMT won't bring something to the market until it has been well established so I have the utmost confidence in them and will trust my life with their ARs
yup I know who LMT is...and they do make 1/9 barrels.....also the ACR was first known as the Masada.....I have been watching this one very closely and got to play with it alot the past couple years I have been at shot show....the ARES system gets mixed a search for Osprey systems as a drop in gas piston may be very happy with what you see.....I think that one will be a winner......good luck :)
It was sold last post was over a year ago!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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