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June 2020 Updates

I might be willing to ship some of the stuff, but you cover shipping.

Must be local to Dallas for meet and pickup, I’m trying to not shipping anything.
Time has come to start cleaning out my garage to make space for the new car. Some of this stuff is new and some of it is used. All of this is for sale LOCALLY. Willing to meet at the Frys in Plano Parkway or near the Plano/Richardson area around 75 & GBT in Texas area.
Everything is posted with a price, but as always OBO since what you want to pay and what I want is never the same number.

PM me to work out the details.

1. TRD Black Rim Caps(3): $15 each

2. Fog Light Harness(for number 10 or 11, I need to go double check this):$30 each

3. Tire Deflators(knock off of Stauns): 2 sets of 4, $15/each (I used these as a set of 2 for different air pressures while off-roading)

4. FJ Cruiser multitool: SOLD

5. Cup Holder Insert: SOLD

6. iMP automatic with transfer case shift knobs: SOLD

7. Ellis Precision Red Anodized Coat Hooks: SOLD

8. Aeroforce Gages with Dual Pod mount: Aeroforce Gages sold. Dual Pod Mount Still Available $60

9. 2 Tacoma fog light switches and dual connect harness harness: $80 each

10. Fog light switches(3): $35 each one

11. Roof Fog Light Switch and bumper fog light switch: $30 each

12. Aeroflow Headlight Cover w/extra Dual Lock things: $40

13. Custom cut off of Tacoma dash to fit 3 fog light switches. The plan was to put these in the pocket near the shifter that barely fits a garage door opener: $30

14. Panamint Locking Rolltop Storage(needs new lock, can be bought for 10-15 bucks): $100

15. Sun shield: SOLD

16. Rear D Pilllar speaker covers: SOLD

17. Bussman Fusebox(ready to connect with fuses and inline battery fuse): $80

18. Baertrax and Factory Rubber mat: SOLD

19. Cobra CB 5 pin extension: $15

20. Golf Echo Speaker Pillars(some small cracks and painted SEM Landau Black): $150

21. Automobile waterproofish connectors and mating connectors(was gonna build my own harnesses, but don’t have the FJ anymore): $30

22. Icon Spanner Wrench: SOLD

23. Curved light Bar Mounts: $80 (would like to sell as a set with #24 )

24. Replacement A Pillars(3L5 Red Painted): $80 ( would like to sell as a set with #23 )

25. 2012 TT seat back and seat cushion replacement covers (you can tell which is which in the pics) : $350

26. TEQ badge, has automotive grade clear coat on it to protect it from rocks: $60

27. Used Trail Trams Badge SOLD

27. Skeeter beater Window Covers: SOLD

28. Blue Apocalypse rated badge: $90

29. Red Apocalypse rated badge: SOLD

30. Yellow faded FJC Forum Badge: SOLD

31. Red forum FJC Forum Badge: SOLD

32. Trail Teams Badge: SOLD

33. I can’t count when I took pics.

34. 2014 Red Forum Badge: SOLD

35. 2014 Black on Black Forum Badge: SOLD

36. 2013 Black on Black Forum Badge: SOLD

37. 2013 Red Forum Badge: SOLD

38. Yup, you guessed I can’t count

39. Again, I’m an idiot. I can’t count.
42. 2010 and up. Ricochet Offroad skids anodized black: front bash plate(pre HD), transmission, transfer case, gas tank, cross member, cat tube rock blocks(not pictured), rear bumper skid. SOLD

43. Roof Rails (might want to repaint the metal): $20 each

44. TRD 1/4” factory bash plate, powder coated and front bent toward engine to not over hang as much: SOLD

45. Black bumper wings. Drivers side has a small area where it was hit(from my FJ when someone back up into it): SOLD

46. Baja Rack Drop In: SOLD
48. 2010 plus factory tin skids(transmission and engine): SOLD

49. Skid plate arm hanger things(not sure if that the right name): SOLD

I still have more, just this is a lot of stuff I collected or bought in my 7 years of having my FJ

Below still needs pics, I didn’t realize I had so much stuff.

Springtail Solutions Backpack Holder: 40. I think this was a blemished part that only fits the rear seats....I don’t know or remember.

Trail Teams Map case: $50

Custom 10” 2 sub box: $250(with factory sub panel that goes below the sub.

Custom fiber glass drivers side storage box with cover(yes it’s 100% fiberglass) $600

2 rear Icon 2.0 shocks(need rebuild): $80

Fiber glass sub box and ring, needs to be finished: $175

Passenger and Driver side molds to make fiber glass boxes: $200 or both

Pre 2010 floor mats: $160

These were bought as cut up projects that never happened:
Passenger Side Rear Panel: $50
Drivers Side Rear Panel: $50
Rear Door Plastic Panel: $50


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To clarify, are you or are you NOT willing to ship?

I'm interested in #24 replacement "A" pillars if you are.

Thank you!
Well, yes(depends on the member) and no, it depends on the forum member. Let me figure out what these take to ship to you and I’ll PM you a shipped price and we can go from there. Give me till Monday, to get back to you....Super Bowl tomorrow.

PM me your zip code. Also, keep in mind those a pillars have holes drilled in them for the curve light bar mounts. Each side has 4 holes in them, not sure if that changes your mind.

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Which specific Aeroforce gauges are they?

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Interested in the Baertrax

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What year FJ are they off of and how much would you want for the set up? I could meet up in the Dallas/FtW area one weekend since I will be visiting my brother up there soon.
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