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Long Time Listener, First Time Caller...

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I've been lurking since I got my FJ Feb 2007.

Finally moving forward with some serious modifications.

Question: I want to get an after market Cold Air Intake. I spoke to my local off road shop, and they advised strongly against it. I'd like the extra HP and would dig some extra noise coming from under the hood.

They said the after market filters clog too easily. Any thoughts on this?

You input is greatly appreciated.

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I have the K&N Installed you will fallin love with the sound it is awesome. I havent had a problem with the filter cloging. Even if you did clean it a little more often and problem solved.
Welcome aboard!
I have the AFE CAI (same as TRD, but has an extra Air Intake Hole (that can be plugged) in the engine bay. I love the sound, and I did feel a bump in power in the upper RPM range. Welcome and happy modding!
WElcome Aboard!:bigthumb::wave::clap:
Love the intro and welcome aboard.

Don't listen to the lazy guys at the off road shop. Oil/cloth filters like the K&N do need to be cleaned but no more regularly than you are suppose to change/clean paper filters. They clean easily, they reinstall quickly and if your getting into modding your rig, you will be under the hood all the time anyway.
Welcome Jeff :wave:
Those dudes just have FJ-Envy. Mod away my friend :cheers:

The only thing that'l clog are thier arteries from all of the microwave
burritos they are eating.
After running with a K&N filter for a year on the FJ, I switched back to the OEM paper filter because I think it does a better job. Being in SoCalifornia we run in a lot of dust and the oiled filter isn't ideal for this climate IMO.

I think that the CAI filtration can be excellent depending on which filter you get. Make sure that the system is sealed -- or buy a snorkel, which is its own CAI of sorts.

And welcome to the forum!
Many many pros and cons as with so many mods on here. The CAI is indeed a very popular mod....Some say a tad pricey for the minimal power gain but most enjoy the extra noise from under the hood. If you read long enough you will certainly find more than enough rationalization for whatever your choice is...... If you think you want one.....Do it. Best part of most mods is that you can always take it off if it doesn't suit you.
Welcome to the Forum :)
I picked up an '08 FJ TT in april and it has the TRD air filter but not the CAI. I am thinking of adding one, butr after reading some of the posts, i am still on the fence.

Good luck with your new ride!
ours came with the TRD CAI and we enjoy we just need a supercharger ! :mecry:
Welcome to the forum!:wave: I run the afe CAI and it works great, no problems at all. Gives me the high rpm power I need and also sounds great!:rocker:
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