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Texas FJers,

Well, Matt and the Trail Team got into my head a few weeks ago in Marble Falls, and got me thinking about upgrading my rig. So, I thought I might put some feelers out and see if you guys have any extra parts laying around.

Here is what I need:

- Sliders
- New tires (I have the 265/17 Bridgestones)
- Possibly new 16" wheels (a wheel/tire combo would be best)
- Lift or Leveling Kit - I'm leaning toward the Rough Country or ToyTec

Please hurry! Getting married soon and I have to get all my man toys bought before the bell tolls.:boohoo:

Also interested in excess fly rods, fishing gear, shotguns, kegerators, :cheers: light aircraft, guitars, and deep fryers. :lol:

I'm in Austin and can pay cash.

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Getting Married :boohoo:, You better get that rig fixed up before you have to fix everything else up.

Congrats on the engagement! :cheers:
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