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Just got a Warn M8000 winch to add to my existing (empty) Lucrum mount. A few questions on install...

First off, once I get the bumper removed again, is there enough clearance to slide the M8000 in or do I need to pull the lucrum off completely (I have the older 1-piece design)?

I've looked thru past threads and see some neat mounting options - i like th ones where the winch control jack is mounted on the bumper and the control is underneath, but don't see any info on how they mounted the box/re-wrired.

For the battery cable, I'd expect that there would be some quick-connect adapter for the aux wire with a under-hood switch, but googling around, I don't see anything. I found a warn solenoid, but that seems to be overkill.

Any additional pics, tips and tricks would be appreciated.
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