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It took me forever to find this M105A2 military trailer, but I fell ill within a few weeks of buying it in 2014. I had hoped to pull it behind my FJ for camping trips, and to make it part of my bugout package, because that's what it's meant for.

Now I'm looking to sell it along with the trailer conversion cable, pintle hitch and trailer extender for $1,200. It's located in Iowa and you need to be able to come pick it up.

It looks just like the first pic, which is part of an unrelated online ad for an M105 trailer cover for $465. My trailer already has one.

The trailer weighs about 2,650 pounds empty and is as ugly as sin, tough as nails, and capable of absorbing far more punishment than your FJ. This thing was built from high quality steel by The Johnson Furnace Company is in excellent shape.

The M105 is meant to go offroad. That's not an afterthought. Mine travels well on paved roads too and my FJ had no trouble pulling it.

I had big plans to transform my M105 into a camping rig with a water tank, pullout stove and the like. Because that's what it's suited for. However, the only thing I ever did was cover the exterior in black rustproofing paint to protect it from the harsh winters here in Iowa.

So it's tan inside now, the plastic cover over the bowed rails is tan, and the exterior body is black. More importantly, the steel frame is high quality, in great shape, and just begging to be welded. There's so much ground clearance that I had planned to hang my boxes underneath the trailer floor.

The big off-road military tires are also in super condition.

These military trailers have pintle trailer tongues. So, you're going to need my extended height pintle hitch, which plugs into a standard hitch receiver. Otherwise, it will probably angle down toward your standard FJ on the road, like the one pictured here (not mine). This does not create handling problems, but it looks odd.

I have a standard FJ now - no lift - and the trailer travels about three inches higher than my vehicle even with the hitch extension. It should sit level with any FJ which is equipped with even a modest lift.

The M105 pulls easy and travels fine. Amazingly so in my opinion.

I also purchased a trailer conversion plug to run its brake lights and trailer lights. It's included in the asking price, along with everything else mentioned here.

Here are the specs:

Net weight 2,650 lbs
Max gross wt 7,150 lbs
Total length 165.5 in
Cargo body length 110 in
Total width 83 in
Cargo body width 74 in
Cargo deck height above ground 37 in
Cargo load height under bows 60 in
Cargo load height to top of side racks 45 in
Cargo load height to top of side panels 18 in
So the overall height would be 98"

I will update this post with a newer pic as soon as I get a chance to head over to my storage area. Again,. the rustproofing I did was with black paint. It's ugly. It's also one more thing you don't have to do.

Please email me at [email protected] for more information.

Looking for a win-win here for both parties.

My name is Victor


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