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Hey guys,
So I have an 08 Fj Cruiser with 178k miles on her. No issues for the most part, I’ve had to do a tune up, and replaced the struts/cv boots, mostly routine stuff.
I’ve had the reoccurring issue with the Check engine light and all those lights that go off w it. Every time I get it scanned at AutoZone I get P0101 code. The famous Mass Air flow sensor. I’ve replaced it twice, I’ve cleaned it and the trd intake filter has been cleaned and oiled as I was told to do.
My issue is the damn light goes back on after driving a few miles ... then I’ll drive another 150 -200 miles and it goes away. I have no idea what to do anymore!
That darn Christmas tree light show stresses me out!
Any ideas? Advice? I’d appreciate it all! Thanks!
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