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Hey guys,
So I have an 08 Fj Cruiser with 178k miles on her. No issues for the most part, I’ve had to do a tune up, and replaced the struts/cv boots, mostly routine stuff.
I’ve had the reoccurring issue with the Check engine light and all those lights that go off w it. Every time I get it scanned at AutoZone I get P0101 code. The famous Mass Air flow sensor. I’ve replaced it twice, I’ve cleaned it and the trd intake filter has been cleaned and oiled as I was told to do.
My issue is the damn light goes back on after driving a few miles ... then I’ll drive another 150 -200 miles and it goes away. I have no idea what to do anymore!
That darn Christmas tree light show stresses me out!
Any ideas? Advice? I’d appreciate it all! Thanks!

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oil from the aftermarket air filter messes up the MAF

Either let the oiled air filter dry out overnight before installation (and maybe you are using too much oil), or go back to a dry, paper air filter.
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