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Back Bay FJ - Maine Army Green FJC

As it sits today (UPDATED 4/27/19)

Here is the updated mod list :


ICON 2.5 Coilovers and 2.5 Rears with Remote Reservoirs and CDC
Toytec HD rear springs
ICON tubular UCA w/ upgraded Delta Joints, modified for high caster and sealed rod ends.
Metal Tech rear LCA
Moog Tie rods
ECGS front and rear diffs w/ 4.88 gears
Fuel Nitro wheels, 17x9 -12 matte black
Yokohama X-MT tires 35x12.50R17

Demello Aluminum Baja front bumper
ARB rear bumper with trailer hitch
Apex All-pro sliders
Bajarack Drop-in basket
Ricochet Aluminum Armor - bashplate and LCA skids
FJ Toyman Shock Skids
Shrockworks Washer Fluid Reservoir
ARB 2500 awning
GZila awning mounts
Warn Zeon 10-s winch w/wireless remote setup
Factor 55 Hawse fairlead and Flat link
130deg windshield washer fluid heater
OEM TT black door handles/mirrors/front grille
JDM convex glass, heated mirrors
Baja Designs XL80 driving lights
Baja Designs Squadron Pro wide/fog lights
Baja Designs Squadron Sport wide cowl lights
DB Customz cowl light mounts
Skene LED dimmer for Squadron Pros
HID retrofit w/ NHK G5-R projectors, Osram bulbs, and Morimoto 35w ballasts
SuperBrightLED exterior bulbs
DiodeDynamics SmartTap
ExtremeAire Magnum On-board air compressor
ViAir tank
1UP-USA bike carrier

AFE 2.5” High-tuck exhaust
Additional 2.5” Dynomax muffler
Tru-cool transmission cooler
Derale Power Steering cooler
CSF high performance aluminum radiator

GooseGear version2 3-piece rear platform
Compustar alarm/remote start
Springtail Rear Door Folding Molle Rack
OrangeBoxx rear storage bin
Clazzio seat covers
Ellis precision Pewter shift knobs, HVAC control knobs and cargo hold hooks
Tuffy Center Console
Kenwood DNX-692
iDatalink Maestro RR & T01
Heated seats & mirrors
Windshield washer fluid heater control
OTRATTW carling switches
Blue Sea secondary fuse panel
Odyssey PC-2150ST-M battery
Pelfreybuilt Battery cage
Custom battery bars
OEM Toyota 130amp 4runner alternator
HKBelect alternator voltage booster
Pedal Commander Throttle Controller
Frontrunner Wolf Pack storage/stratchits
Various Bubba Rope/Warn recovery gear and emergency supplies
Halguard 2.5lb extinguisher
President McKinley CB/SSB radio
GZila rear antenna mount
Firestik FS antenna

After lurking around these boards for a couple years, I recently purchased an army green 2014 FJ from forum member BurlNJFJ. Jim had already done a bunch of tasteful mods and took great care of his FJ, so I made the journey down to Jersey and snagged it up (before he changed his mind, ha).
I figured it would be appropriate to start a build thread as I still have a lot of plans for this thing. I work for a fab shop known for custom restomods, but we are also focused on producing parts for classic Land Cruisers and other offroad vehicles, with plans on developing parts for the FJC, so you may see us as a forum sponsor on here in the near future.

As it sat when I picked it up in February:

BurlNJFJ had already given me a great head start on a very capable setup, but I still have huge plans for this rig.

First thing I did was take it up to the mountains to go play around in the snow on some old logging roads near Sunday River and see what it could do. It was a blast, and we were all pretty impressed with how well this thing did. After a couple weekends of romping around a bit (and having people winch me out), it was time to start working on some changes.

After some minor cosmetic changes (sticker peeling, OEM TT black door handles, mirrors, front grill, and light bar extraction) I grabbed a Warn Zeon 10-s winch, along with a Flat Splicer and fairlead from Factor 55, and a bunch of miscellaneous D-rings/straps/and soft shackles from Warn and Bubba Rope. I also removed the Acro lights that had already been installed in the Demello bumper and ordered a couple sets of driving and fog lights from Baja Designs. I chose the S2 Sports for daily driving fogs, and grabbed pairs of both the Squadron Pros and XL80 Pros in wide cornering for off-road purposes.
It was pretty obvious from the first test out in the mountains that new tires were in order, so a set of Cooper STT Pros in 315/70/17 were ordered and are currently awaiting a new set of wheels to be mounted to. Also, the uniballs in the Icon UCA's were toast, and made a ton of noise on any mid speed choppy terrain, so I ordered a set of their Delta Joints to replace them, in hopes that they have a much longer lifespan than the original uniballs they came with.

It doesn't look a whole lot different at the moment, I still need to mount the new tires, the TT front grille (just painted one on there now) and the XL80 Pros. Once we have some space in the shop I will also be having the roof sprayed to match (sorry to all the white-roof purists on here).

Weather is pretty gross still here in Maine, everything is either covered in salt, mud, or sand from the roads. As it sits right now in the driveway:


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That’s a great looking rig. Congratulations on buying your FJ. Nice to see that you’re enjoying it the proper way

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A few pics of the winch install. Made a couple brackets to hold the relocated control module and remote winch plug/receiver (and alarm horn) that bolted into some available factory threaded holes. Also mounted the winch remote and some rocker switches from OTRATTW on the drivers side vent panel (spare switch slot for on-board air, coming soon)


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Very neat install of the solenoid pack etc. Did you install an isolator too, powered by that internal switch?

Love the Flatlink.
I have not installed an isolator yet, but plan to. For now the switch is just for the power wire to the remote/module plug, just in case someone grabs the remote and starts pushing buttons.

(in the engine shot above I had not even wired that switch in yet, you can see the red power wire temporarily run straight to the battery)

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For now the switch is just for the power wire to the remote/module plug, just in case someone grabs the remote and starts pushing buttons.
That’s a really good idea! (Now off to check my wireless module, I think it is just a plug in no power wire or I might nick your idea).

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Spent a few hours at the shop today replacing the power steering fluid with Mobil 1 ATF, and exchanging the Transmission fluid with 14 fresh quarts of Toyota WS, then installing a Derale Power steering cooler and Tru-Cooler 4454 transmission cooler. Only needed to relocate the horn and make a couple quick brackets.


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More wiring this week.
Had a set of JDM heated mirrors sent over, which are also both convex and really gives you a much larger view of what's around you, they'll be super useful in the trails this summer. I also added a fluid heater that heats the wiper fluid up to about 125 degrees that'll be great for winter, as well as stubborn bug splatter and bird bombings. I really wanted to find an OEM Toyota switch (like the one in the 4Runner for the windshield wiper heater) but so far I cannot find any Toyota with the tall style push switch that had that option yet. I was, however, able to use the OEM mirror heater switch from a Highlander to power the mirrors, which is great as it has a built in timer that shuts off after 15 minutes. I also borrowed on another members idea on here from the past and fabbed up a mount for a Blue Sea fuse block that mounts alongside the brake pedal bracket on the firewall inside the cabin (forgot to take pics of that).
If anyone knows of a tall OEM heated wiper push switch, please fill me in!


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Awesome build! I'm also interested in a power steering and trans cooler. Do they have (need) a temperature switch?
The Tru-Cool unit I used for the trans has a built in bypass for colder temps when the fluid has not warmed up (larger tubes that the more viscous fluid flows through and bypasses the cooling fins). Whether that will be enough for the couple weeks in the winter where we stay around 0degrees will be tested next year... we'll see if I need to add a thermal bypass valve as well.
The Derale unit used for power steering does not have any form of thermal bypass.

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Yesterday, I installed a 130amp alternator from the new 4runner and the Odyssey PC-2150ST-M battery. Turns out, Odyssey no longer offers this battery with the reverse terminal arrangement, so the posts are several inches further towards the front of the FJ then stock. Instead of removing the factory harness and making longer cables (or extending the leads with adapters, which is a terrible idea), we designed some battery bus bars that bolt onto the post terminals. This allowed me to connect the stock wiring to this setup with no modifications, gives me plenty of connection points with two 5/16" studs and one 3/8" stud per side, as well as two unused posts for jumping, or more connections later if needed.
Here are the prototypes made from 10ga steel that we cut with on the CNC plasma table. I plan to make covers this week that bolt on and cover the entire bar and connection points this week, as well as research other types of metals to use. Stainless steel isn't as conductive, but this can be made up for in mass, so that is a potential option.


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