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Howdy - my 20014 FJ is beyond standard warranty and I don't trust anyone, including Toyota dealerships to check this and that, even if I paid the high price. I wrote down many of the standard areas and wondered (didn't see here) if there is a total how-to on the standard maintenance items noted in the maintenance log?

I do see a lot of individual tasks, but wondered if there's single document, etc?

Here are some things I'm looking at:

• Inspect Brake pads/disks, linings, drums (what to look for?) - I may not replace myself but want to know what I'm looking at - it's been awhile.
• Inspect steering linkage and boots
• Inspect ball joints and dust covers
• Inspect drive shaft boots (4wd)
• Inspect engine air filter
• Inspect engine coolant (it's super long life? I see the first call to replace at 100k miles) -How long should it last?
• Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
• Lubricate propeller shaft
• Retorque propeller shaft bolt
• Replace clutch fluid (4wd)
• Replace engine air filter
• towing -
• towing - replace rear diff oil
• wiper blades
• Check cabin air filter
• tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and body
• Replace transfer case oil (4wd)
• replace front diff oil (4wd)

So just bottom line, individual how-to do all the standard maintenance checks?


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