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2012 FJ, quiksand TRD, ICON stage 2, Demello front with winch. Custom stereo & electrical
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For years since the FJ's departure from the US market, Toyota has left a massive void in their product offerings. Yes, I understand now is not the best time to be debuting a new vehicle, but we can hope and dream things are in the works for when this is behind us.
Toyota used to make vehicles like the FJ, that are simple, classic, and unique, plus being sold across the globe larg
ely the same is an amazing thing for a vehicle that doesn't cost as much as a new Landcruiser in the US.

I am a bit biased though, as I own a 2012 FJC, 2004 Tacoma (since new), 1985 MR2 "The Deuce of Hazzard", and just picked up another SW20, or 2nd gen MR2, 1991.

What are your favorite unique global Toyotas we actually got in the states?

Anyone else have too many Toyotas in their driveway?

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Toyota...….make TRD actually mean something other than a fluff package.


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