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Map Light And Scanguage Install

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I picked up on Swissarmy's idea of installing an overhead light, but I also wanted to put my scanguage up there too. I just did't like any of the mounting locations I had seen, and I really liked the overhead trip computer on my previous vehicle. I bought an overhead map light/sunglass holder from ebay that came out of a Honda Accord. The scan guage fit in the sunglass holder, so I decided to cut out an opening to accommodate it. I glued some wood strips to the sungalss holder besides and above the scanguage to keep it in place. I installed a little aluminum tube through the back of the sunglass holder compartment to limit the angle when opened for optimum viewing. I routed the scanguage cable up the A pillar and above the headliner to the cutout. Swissarmy's measurments for the cutout were dead on - thanks Swiss. I wired the map lights to the dome light power. I've got extra lighting now if I need it. I can close the sunglass holder to put the scanguage up and out of the way if I need to. Overall, I've got to say I'm pleased with the results.

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