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I see the pendulum swinging the other way these days, as I told my college buddy last night. As China's economy grows, the millions who were commuting by bicycle a decade ago are now driving cars. Whereas here in this country, we're looking for alternative transportation to work— mass transit, bicycles, even more car pooling, etc.

I drive 150 roundtrip miles to work each week. I'm looking to cut that down to 60 miles, just by doing the other 90 on my bicycle. I think sunny or crappy weather tomorrow, I'm pedaling my ass to work. That's three days biking in to work, and two in the FJ. Be interesting to see the difference to my budget at the end of the summer, cost of driving the FJ vs. cost of bike commuting.

No matter what, I'm keeping both.
1 - 1 of 102 Posts
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