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I have a local dealer who I asked about picking up a particular FJ
from a dealer at other end of the state.

My local printed the invoice.
Quoted me :

Dealer Cost for the Base Model
Dealer Cost for all packages & accessories
Dest Charge $ 685
TDA $ 393
Dealer Holdback $ 482
Whsl. Reserve $ 241

Bottom Line :

Vehicle Stickers for $31,000

My Price $ 27,580 & tax

1st - what is TDA ?
2nd - how much wiggle room could I have on the 4 charges listed above ?

anyone have an opinion on this deal ?

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Your deal looks pretty good.

I just bought an FJ in Texas last week. The TDA is Toyota Dealer Advertising, a regional charge. There was no TDA on my invoice, but the other three items were listed. I paid $300 below their invoice, or $400 over what I perceive to be the true invoice (no TDA, no holdback, no financial reserve). The destination charge is freight, I think just about everyone pays that.

My sticker was $27,869, and I paid $25,540. I wasn't interested in a lot of the packages, just the convenience group, alloy wheels, rear locker, and all weather mats.

Send an email to several dealers in your area, tell them you are buying an FJ in the next 7 days. Ask them for their best internet price for one with the exact options you require, and ask what fees, if any, are required (documentation fees, etc.) . After you get the quotes, you should have a better idea how competitive your offer is.

It really depends on how much competition there is in your area as to how low they will go. The more profitable options packages you take, the more flexibility they will have in pricing.
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