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Hey everybody,

I scoured the forum and couldn't find anything on this. It worked it out and I thought I'd post in case anyone else had the same idea. I got some Maxtrax and their mounting pin system, wanted to mount them to factory racks. I had to shorten one of the cross members by about 1/2" to fit it farther back on the top bar. I had to adjust the torx set screws on both, making one a little longer than is typical and one shorter. I was able to accomplish this on each by using the factory holes for those set crews but was only able to use one set screw for each, instead of two. May go back later and drill a new hole for the second set screw on each but it is quite solid as is. The aluminum cross members tolerated a 3/8 hole to attach the pins and the whole thing turned out nice. This was super easy and you can figure it out on your own but sometimes it is nice to know that it will work out before you start drilling holes. I was concerned that there would be a lot of wind noise without a wind deflector but I cannot appreciate any increase. If anyone has any specific questions or wants more pictures, let me know.



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